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December 6, 2017

The Original Set - Girl Power Girl Power On Tour Concert Collection Superstar Collection Spice It Up! 1
On Stage Spice It Up! 2 Viva Forever w/Sprite Finger Puppet Viva Forever w/Viva Forever Video Collectors Set - unproduced Millennium Tour Collection - unproduced
Spiceworld Fashions Doll Fashions Sound Stage My First Singing Spice Girl My Outfit, My Song My New Talking Spice Girl
Doll Fashions (Unproduced-have to wonder)
Fall 1999 - Galoob 

Galoob planned to produce a line of individual fashions for the dolls. These fashions would have been sold separately and would not include dolls. The price would have been $25 for each fashion. These would have been different fashions then the Spiceworld Fashions, and sold individually unlike the Spiceworld Fashions which where sold as two 4 fashion sets.

Thanks to, look for Spice Dolls 1999 Saturday, April 17, 1999 at 12:43AM (US West Coast)

I personally have wonder if this set became the Hasbro Viva Forever with Sprites, it did not seem like Hasbro had enough time to come up with new lines before these were released. These Viva Forever dolls did come out around the same time that Galoob's Doll Fashions set should have been released.

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